Friday, April 5, 2013

dont let me go to sleep upset.

Because, she'll only toss and turn in frustration until sadness pulss her into sleep,and tears stain her pillow. You'll be her first thought when she wakes up,and more than anything,she'll wish she could go back to sleep,back to the silence,to the empty blackness. Dont do this to her,she worth so much more, if she wasnt,she wouldn't care.

she wont give up on you right away,in fact she'll be weary of your intentions,do you know why? Because she's been hurt before,she's had guys treat her emotions like they were games,she invested time into a guy for only him to find someone else who's better and to her that hurt because now she's just sitting there wondering why? She's tired of these games that guys play,she's tired of being hurt,she's tired of being mislead,she's tired of being used,tired of guys leaving her when they felt like it. 

she just wants someone who's going to treat her right,someone who's willing to take the time to understand her and not judge her,she wants someone who will show her that she can trust again,so show her that guys by being there for her and taking the time to listen to her.